Since 1947, Model Rectifier Corporation of Edison, New Jersey has built a bold and dynamic reputation for quality products and technical achievement within the hobby industry.

Today, MRC is the exclusive distributor for some of the world’s most respected hobby products as well as the creators and manufacturers of prominent proprietary lines.

Some of the product lines we distribute include Academy Hobby Kits, Double Eagle Brand Products, Easy Model, Gallery Models, JTT Scenery Products, MiniArt, Model Power and Mantua Classics.

To learn more, visit our site at http://www.modelrectifier.com

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  1. I’m very interested in Light Genie, but I have many unanswered questions before I buy:
    1) do all 12 outputs have to be the same voltage or current draw? 2) What if I need more than 12 outputs, can I daisy-chain the output modules, or will I have to purchase another complete set? 3) How easy or cumbersome is programming the outputs? 4) Does an alternating flasher (e.g., crossing signal) count as two outputs? 5) Would a 2-direction traffic light take up 6 of the 12 available outputs? 6) Can you provide (on your website) hi-res, close-up photos of all the components of your product, especially the hook-ups? 7) Can you provide (on your website) a PDF of the operator’s manual?

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